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  • How much does a seat cost?
    • Good question. There is no set fee for all reviews. Typically the cost of admission is between $15 - $40. There are some reviews that are as low as $10 and some that exceed $40.

  • How many seats for each webinar?
    • Based upon demand the range general runs from 30 – 50 seats.

  • Do you ever compare two guns in your review?
    • Yes, on occasion we will compare two guns and offer a review of both weapons.

  • Do you have to pay shipping if you receive the reviewed firearm?
    • No, we will ship it to your local FFL dealer for free. If you reside in Central Oklahoma you can come by and complete your paperwork and pick up the gun.

  • Who does the reviews?
    • Joe Campbell is a freelance firearms writer and reviewer who writes for gun ranges, firearms dealers and firearms manufacturers. Here is a link to one of his reviews: Click here